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3D Printing Polycarbonate (PC-10) and ABS M-30

Consistent with our total vertical integration approach Carbon by Design has added rapid prototyping capabilities to our Oceanside, California facility. These added capabilities will allow us to support our customers design and prototyping solutions within hours instead of days. The large format FDM Printer, with a 16" x 16" x 14" working envelope, accommodates most oversized printing requirements. Typical lead times are 3 to 5 days.

Fortus 360MC

The Fortus 360mc is the next generation of FDM (fusion deposit method) 3D printers. This printer is capable of depositing Polycarbonate and ABS materials in layers as thin as .005" with various density options.

The primary benefits of FDM over other 3D printing technologies are price per and materials performance. The unbelievably cost-effective materials can be rapidly printed to create parts which mirror the material properties of typical plastic mold injected assemblies at a fraction of the typical entry cost associated with injection molding.

We have successfully printed prototype parts, drill and trim fixtures, flight ready winglets, brackets, adapters and electronics connectors. Materials can be oriented to provide superior mechanical properties in specific grain directions or to create frangible connectors.

Example of large 3D printed structure in Polycarbonate PC-10 with SR-30 support

Large volume production of parts run in Polycarbonate PC-10 materials

Materials Options

The Fortus 360mc is capable of running Polycarbonate with an impressive Tensile Strength of 9800 psi and highly durable ABS M-30. Polycarbonate parts are best suited to mechanical assemblies which will experience real world structural loading and flight use applications. The ABS materials which are available in a variety of colors are extremely durable and are more ductile than polycarbonate .

Polycarbonate (PC-10) TDS

Polycarbonate FDM Materials Technical Data Sheet for Fortus 360MC Printer


ABS-M30 FDM Materials Technical Data Sheet for Fortus 360MC Printer