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Carbon by Design's new Automotive & Aerospace Facility located in Oceanside, CA.

Carbon by Design is the manufacturer of high-quality composite materials, focusing primarily in Aerospace and Transportation manufacturing. In 2004, Carbon by Design patented its unique manufacturing method of closed tooling which utilizes a pressure intensifiers in combination with the VARTM & RTM processes. By serving as a solutions provider, Carbon by Design offers full design and modeling services, prototyping, research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Facilities in Oceanside, California include space for dedicated engineering, machining, layup, inspection, painting and ESD assembly.

Larger facilities and a more dynamic inventory have allowed Carbon by Design to provide short lead time production and prototyping services to the Defense Industry. As a registered federal contractor, Carbon by Design is well-versed in the federal R&D, contracting and regularly delivers field-ready equipment with development times in as little as sixty days.

Side by side finishing and paint booths occupy the main facility at Carbon by Design. The 1500sq ft finishing booth prevents cross contamination of materials. Paint booth (LH) is specifically designed to spray products, not vehicles and has a HEPA filtered intake system.

Carbon by Design's Aerospace Lab in Oceanside, CA is used to process composite structures including: control surfaces, radomes, secondary flight structures and electronics enclosures. A full class 1000 clean room is also located onsite.

Recently, Carbon by Design has supplied engineering and support services to several Government Programs to improve existing structures, verify suggested manufacturing requirements and design of elaborate systems for composites manufacturing and curing.

Carbon by Design's core competencies include UAV assembly, design and, intergration, aerospace tooling and manufacturing services, dedicated manufacturing and prototyping units, as well as a full desktop-to-product capability. Current market segments include: defense, motorsports, biomedical, precision miniatures, and design services. In addition to its manufacturing business units, Carbon by Design actively maintains its retail market product lines dedicated to today's best known performance and exotic vehicles. Continued close coordination with both General Motors and Chrysler will continue to result in high-quality composite products.

Carbon by Design's newest facility located at 4128 Avenida De La Plata is the new home to the integrated Aerospace and Transportation manufacturing facility. This location was purpose built to support increased UAV production, and growth space to accommodate CNC materials cutting and world class painting capabilities. The new facility features pressurized finishing booth, machine shop, paint booths, class 10,000 ESD lab and expanded warehouse for materials storage.

As well as its stateside facilities, Carbon by Design maintains an additional manufacturing facility in East Asia for production items with quantities in excess of 2K units. Regular shipments and a well coordinated logistic system keeps partners well-informed and production costs to a minimum.


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Carbon by Design maintains an ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System and has been independently audited and qualified.

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