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Aluminum Tooling

The foundation to any successful program is exceptional tooling which is designed to exceed program requirements. Carbon by Design produces both limited use and production quality tooling. Many programs which require a simple proof-of-concept can utilize cost effective machine board tools to produce extremely small quantities of samples. On the opposite end of the spectrum are high quality aluminum or steel tools which will yield hundreds of production cycles.

Large wing tooling produced from single billets up to 80" in length.

Complex, multi-piece trapped rubber aluminum tooling

vacuum Bag and autoclave tooling with built-in net molding

Extreme sized tooling up to single billets measuring 80" x 40" x 24"

Tooling Capabilities

  Rapid Tools up to 4' x 8' x 2' envelope

  Production Tooling from Aluminum or Steel

  Capable of low and high temperatures use

  High quality surface finishes

  Net Molding tooling systems

Machined Fixtures

Most of today's elaborate composite structures require additional machining operations to achieve final assembly. Carbon by Design has been designing and building high quality fixtures for our internal use and for our customers by leveraging our extensive composites knowledge. Aluminum fixtures are well suited to operations where tight tolerances outweigh other considerations. Alternately, fixtures can be 3D printed where +/- .005+ tolerances are acceptable.

Fixturing for final tail & horizontal stabilizer assembly on a group one uas can be cost effective controlled by cost effectively developed aluminum tooling.

3D Printed Fixturing

Laser sintering and FDM which is commonly used for rapid prototyping has been proven to be an extremely cost effective and accurate means of producing reliable, high tolerance setup and assembly fixtures. The SLS design capabilities allow our engineering teams to design and fabricate fixtures that would not be mechanically possible from any other material. SLS and FDM are incredibly cost effective, and rapid in comparison to traditional machined fixtures. Average build time for an SLS or FDM fixture is 4-5 business days.

3D printed tooling in fdm polycarbonate (pc-10) materials are durable enough to hold up to 35psi of internal pressure and repeated use. Tools such as these of yielded 25+ units in small and developmental production runs

3D Printed Tooling

Recently our engineering teams have been producing 3D Printed tooling for developmental programs where less that 10 finished articles are desired. The benefits of this process are primarily centered around speed and the immediate realization of a design with full mechanical properties. We have been successful in printing tooling for (high pressure) trapped rubber molding, vacuum bag and trapped foam molding utilizing production prepreg systems with cures up to 235F.

Parts manufactured from 3d printed tooling exhibit comparable properties to those yielded from aluminum tooling. The characteristic waterline surface finish as seen in this part is one of the few fit and finish concessions.