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Why Vacuum Infusion is often the correct choice.

Carbon by Design has a great amount of familiarity with the vacuum infusion process (or VIP). From the beginning, Carbon by Design has pioneered the use of VIP in less-than-ideal applications. Successful programs include radomes, aircraft primary & secondary structures and high-end architectural structures. We stock a wide variety of infusion epoxies and specialize in the design of automated and semi-automated tooling.

Commonly used in these applications:

  • Large oversized parts

  • Limited production large parts

  • Products with extremely difficult geometries

  • Products which require Shiny, Cosmetic Surfaces

  • Supercar and High End automotive OEM panels

  • Large, Difficult to Cure Composite Structures

  • Encapsulation of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metallic for Naval Shipboard use

Leverage our OEM Automotive Infusion Experience

Our transportation focused vacuum infusion team can provide specialized services to Automotive OEM's in search of high quality, cosmetically clear carbon fiber components which exceed the most stringent fit and finish requirements of today's super car manufacturers. These components fabricated with clear UV resistant coatings exceed OEM finish requirements while possessing the light weight attributes that only carbon fiber can offer.

Carbon fiber, vacuum infused hood for the 2015 Shelby Mustang Super Snake produced at Carbon by Design using the vacuum infusion process (VARTM).

Carbon Fiber lower diffuser for the 2015 Shelby GT is and example of a how detailed surface geometry can be manufactured using the VARTM process.

Leverage our Aerospace Infusion Experience

Our team has provided infusion solutions to both our Aerospace and Automotive OEM customers for nearly a decade. Our experience ranges from infusions with 10 tons of materials simultaneously shot to production services for automotive customers such as Shelby North America. Team members have devised novel solutions for the U.S. Military; including the encapsulation of metallics for protection from salt water and extreme environmental conditions. Other applications have included: OEM Helicopter Fairings, Commercial Architectural Components, extremely large marine components, automotive panels & interiors, radar reflectors and electronics enclosures.

Aircraft door assembly infused with silicone elements to create pockets for assembly components.

Carbon by Design has designed large scale (200 gallon+) size infusion systems for our customers on a consulting basis

Multiple shot infusion for FAA qualifications for Aircraft laminate qualifications program using VARTM.