Launch with Reduced Costs

Leverage our Small Business Structure & price points to deliver high quality composites manufactured in clean room environments, with full materials and process traceability and the reliability of an AS9100 C supplier.

Dedicated Facilities for Corking

Dedicated facilities for the application of Corking and Silicone based ablative materials to composite and metallic structures. Our team includes members who specialize in the application of ablative materials.

Thermal Protection& Corking

Specialized teams on-site utilize mission specific facilities to prepare and install ablative materials to composite and metallic structures. Assemblies can be delivered raw or coated with a selection or anti-static or conductive coatings.

Typical ablative applications include:

  • Hatches and Covers

  • RF Conduits and Antenna Mounts

  • Aerodynamic and Primary Structures

Last updated on July 17, 2016.



Spacecraft Interiors & Composites


Leveraging technology from our Transportation and Commercial Aircraft teams we have established a wide selection of materials and techniques which meet the most stringent fire, smoke and toxicity requirements. Materials are ASTM E-84, Class I & II Approved.

Common applications include: 

  • Interior Paneling

  • Lightweight Consoles and Storage

  • Difficult to Fabricate Ducting & Diffusers

Last updated on July 17, 2016.