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Trapped Silicone Process

The trapped silicone method uses a specially blended silicone elastomer which at a select temperature expands to a known value. This process provides consolidation pressures in excess of what is achievable from an autoclave. The high internal molding pressures generated are sometimes combined with bladders which are inflated at different times during the cure cycle to specifically consolidate certain sections of the laminate. This process can be used in most structures and is uniquely suited to produce internal ribs and bulkheads.

If your program requires composite products with class "A" exterior surfaces, high fiber volumes, smooth interior surfaces, high repeatability and could benefit from trapped silicone or net molding, please contact us to see how we can apply our propriety technology to better serve you.

The combination of the trapped silicone process and net molding techniques result in a high fiber density product with a combination of typically difficult to mold features by any other process.

Trapped silicone can be combined with other techniques to simultaneously mold in handles and straps into laminates to limit secondary operations during post molding activities.